Stuart loves presenting and sharing his passion for all things involving money, society and the environment. He is a highly sought-after speaker at conferences and events both in Australia and internationally.

Sample speaking topics:

Financial benefits of a more sustainable lifestyle

Would you like more time and money whilst living a lower impact, richer lifestyle? This is not an impossible dream. In this talk Stuart explains how those of us that care deeply  about the world and it's problems can use simple, easy to implement techniques, to get ahead and help the world.

How to easily drive real change in the world

Every time we spend money we are casting a vote for the type of world we live in. Changing how we invest, spend, save and borrow money is the easiest most effective way to drive change for the better. Real life inspiring examples of easy, successful action everyone can take to make a difference.

Our love affair with debt – an environmental and personal disaster waiting to happen

Our addiction to debt has lead to Australians having the highest level of personal debt in the world; sadly much of this is being used to finance our top two money mistakes. Our grandparents would not be impressed and our impact on mother earth is magnified by these errors. In this talk Stuart highlights the issues and techniques to reduce risk, impact and improve our happiness.  

The rise and rise of the green consumer - adapt your business or die

50% of consumers are influenced by their personal ethical concerns when making purchase, investment and employment decisions. The impacts on the finance industry are only just starting to be felt. In this talk Stuart uses the insights from his 350 deep green clients to educate businesses on what it takes to attract and retain the caring consumer.

For more information about any of these topics, or to have one tailored for your event, contact him now